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Will the figurine look just like me (or my loved ones)?

Though we can achieve a fantastic resemblance, they will not look exactly like you. These are small, handmade pieces. We definitely strive to get a very close resemblance, but cannot guarantee a perfect, 100% match. As you can see from our photos, the resemblance is very close. Children and baby faces are harder to replicate, due to lack of facial features.

Custom figurines, what exactly are my options?

You can choose the hair color, eye color and body type (thin, full, fit) and skin tone for each person in your display. Also, the hair style of each person, the clothing they are wearing, the positions they are standing/sitting, what objects they are holding or included in your design. You even choose the color and shape of the base that the figurines are mounted on. Every detail that you can imagine can be customized.

Can you make figurines without detailed photos?

We know many of these will be ordered as a gift for someone else and it’s not always convenient to ask someone to sit for photos. We are very good at capturing a face from a photo, send us the best images you have and we will do our best. As you can see from our pictures, not everyone sends the perfect images, but we are still able to capture a fantastic likeness.

How does your pricing work?

Our prices are based on the number people in your display, the amount of detail in specific clothing (think a business suit vs Spider Man costume), what extra items you request (jewelry, vehicles, pets, etc). Please refer to our pricing for a detailed list and enter your choices into our quick estimte tool.

When will my design be delivered?

Generally, our orders arrive in around four weeks. Depending on the detail, number of people and curing time, we cannot give you a specific delivery date. We ask for four weeks from order finalization to delivery. Also, delivery to some countries/locations may be slower than others. Weather or any other “act of God” can also delay delivery. Our delivery is not guaranteed, but we usually have no problems within four weeks.

Can you make him/her smile?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot. Each person’s face is truly unique in their expressions. If we were to try to guess how someone’s face might look when smiling, I’m sure we would get it wrong. Try to find a picture, or possibly take a picture from a video, to give us something to work with. See are photo guide for more information

Can you make vehicles, large animals?

Yes, we can make vehicles and large animals, but these will not be to the scale of your figurine. This would require a lot of material and be very time consuming. If you really need something large and to scale, please message us first, we will try to accommodate you (for a fee).

What size are your figurines?

15cm – 18cm (6”-7”) in height, depending on proportions of all individual figurines involved (one person taller than the other). Children, in the same display as adults will be proportionately smaller. We try to make everything to scale, but faces smaller then 2-3cm will be difficult to capture a resemblance.

What are the figurines made from?

Each figurine is made from polymer clay which is 100% non-toxic and when baked turns into a hard plastic material. These works of art are extremely durable and washable (with a mild detergent).

Are these figurines fragile?

No, they are not fragile. Though they are not toys, once baked, the clay turns into a hard, rubbery plastic material which is very durable. Thinner pieces like arms will easily bend but should not break. Like any piece of art, these are not intended to be “played” with. Please use your best judgment. Minor repairs can be performed with super glue.

How do I store and care for my figurine?

You’re welcome to display them anywhere you like or repackage them for safe keeping. These are very durable and we hope that you will always display our work. If your item will be displayed, please avoid direct sunlight as this might cause fading. If handled and displayed correctly, these will last a lifetime.

How do I order?

Gather up your photos of everyone in your display, photos of the clothes you'd like to be wearing, photos of objects that you would like to be holding or included in your design. Upload all you images on our request a quote form and write a description of how you want your design to look. Please see our process page for complete details.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is included. We only ship to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States To request your country, send us a message

What happens if my figurine arrives damaged?

We package you figurine securely, to be certain nothing will happen to them. We have sent packages all over the world with no problems. If your item should arrive damaged, take a photo and contact us as soon as possible at support@makememini.com. We will do everything we can to make it right.

Can I cancel my order or return my figurine?

You have the option to cancel your order within the first 3 days of ordering for a full refund. From 3 days to 1 week, you can cancel for a return of 50% of your order. After 1 week, and before your final approval of work, we can refund 25% of your order. After the item has shipped, we cannot accept any cancellations. These are one-of-a-kind works of art.
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns. We give you every opportunity to approve/change your design in the creating process. We will not finalize and ship your project until you approve the order.

Customs, duties or import fees, who pays them?

You, as the buyer, are responsible for any fees associated with delivery to your particular country.





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