what makes you unique?

if you’re looking for a special way to proudly display what you do at home or the office, we’ve got you covered. everyone has something that they love to do, and why not show off your unique flair with a custom figurine? at Make Me Mini we’ll bring your passions and hobbies to life. together, we’ll help capture your special interest with a custom, handmade figurine that shows off the core of who you are.

memorialize your career and hobbies

whether you’re a happy homemaker, a popular politician or a weekend warrior, there’s no better way to make a statement about the passion you take pride in than with a custom figurine. let us know your career path, your hobbies, desired uniform or your favorite tools so that we can create a beautiful figurine that memorializes what makes you you. 

these figurines are 15-18cm/6"-7" in height.

design every detail

the good news about our custom figurines is that we’re able to make them any way you like, displaying anything you choose. send us your idea, a few pictures to get us started and any details you’d like to add. then, our sculptors will carefully handcraft a beautiful figurine that provides you with exactly what you’re looking for.
whatever it is that makes you unique, it deserves to be celebrated. 

how personalized are your figurines?

when we say personalized, we mean as customized as you want. That means everything from the hair color/style, eye color, body shape (thin, full, fit), skin tone, clothing, accessories and footwear. even the shape and color of the base is up to you.


take it one step further and go as far as personalizing any sporting equipment, roses and even pets. we’ll reflect your true personality by paying attention to the details.

let us know what you expect and we’ll make it happen.

with sculpting, curing time and shipping, please allow up to four weeks for delivery.

other options

  • custom wedding cake topper interracial c

    your special day deserves a special centerpiece. our specialized clay artists will work to create custom wedding cake toppers or birthday cake toppers or for any special occasion you desire. each wedding cake topper figurine is crafted to your image and offers a true reflection of your special relationship.

  • personalized clay figurine man in suit.j

    there’s nothing more beautiful than giving a gift that shows you care. custom clay figurines offer the perfect present for grandparents both near and far. spoil your loved ones with keepsakes that remind them of their family and the love you share.  

it's your world

this is your world, we’re just living in it. send us your idea and we’ll make it happen. we’re standing by to help you remember those precious moments and cherish the people you love most in life. reach out to us today.





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